Gastrointestinal Bleeding

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Is a non-invasive technique, where a tracer is intravenously injected to be tagged with the patient’s red blood cells, the body is later on scanned and the movement of the cells through the body is tracked. This technique is usually used for patients with known or suspected intestinal bleeding evaluating the bleeding site, extent and frequency.

Fasting: Is not preferred as you will be requested to considerably increase fluid intake, consequently increasing urination frequency, as you will be requested to empty your bladder immediately prior to the procedure.

Medication contradiction: A list of medication should be provided as some might interfere with the RBC labeling.

Tracer method of intake: The radio pharmaceutical will be injected intravenously 30 minutes apart in order to label RBC with the tracer.

Examination Duration: The imaging process will take up from 45 minutes up to one hour and a half.

Additional related examinations: Additional images maybe needed after 4 and 24 hours depending on the study.