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Is a technique used for mapping the lymphatic system it may be requested for a number of reasons to assess the patency of lymphatic channels in the upper or lower limbs. The procedure is begun by injecting the radiopharmaceutical subcutaneously (through skin) between the first two fingers or toes.

Fasting: Is not preferred as it is favored to increase fluid intake and urination.

Medication contradiction: None, you may continue taking any medications.

Tracer method of intake: Using a small needle the tracer will be subcutaneously injected between the two first toes or fingers, it is worth mentioning that a burning sensation might be felt while injecting the tracer. It is crucial to stimulate blood flow as it encourages the tracer to transition through the lymphatic channel.

Examination duration: The imaging process will take up 20 minutes. The procedure will be conducted directly after injecting the tracer, and again an hour and two hours later, in certain cases an imaging 24 hours later might be required.