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Established by renowned Dr. Farid Risheq in 1992, the Nuclear Medicine Center was the first to introduce nuclear medicine to the Jordanian private sector.

Offering affordable and high-quality treatment, the center soon began receiving patients from all over the kingdom and the arab word.

With an ever-growing demand and outstanding success, NMC began expanding in the late nineties, opening branches in the Islamic hospital, Ibn Haitham Hospital and 5th circle.
In 2004, a new branch in Jericho, Palestine was opened, seeking to serve Palestinian patients who have limited access to healthcare. In the same year, NMC became the first entity to introduce PET scan in Jordan and the third in the arab world.

Over the span of 15 years, NMC has treated around 1500 thyroid cancer patients and reported more than 8000 PET-CT scans, furthermore numerous case studies were presented to prestigious medical institutions, marking yet another achievement for the center.