Parathyroid Scan

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Is a highly sensitive technique requested to inspect for parathyroid adenomas, they are crucial as they allow surgeons to locate abnormal areas in addition to their ability to provide an evaluation to parathyroid glands related diseases.After administering the radiopharmaceutical, the radioactive tracer gathers in hyperactive tissues while non-active tissues remain undetected.

Fasting: Is not preferred as you will be requested to considerably increase fluid intake.

Medication contradiction: Medications may be resumed as usual.

Tracer administration: The radiopharmaceutical tracer will be injected intravenously.

Examination duration: The imaging process will take 5 minutes for each imaging session. Imaging will be conducted 5 minutes after the injection and again 10 and 20 minutes later. 2 other sets are taken after 1 hour and 2 hours intervals.

Additional related examinations: Additional imaging maybe required depending on the examination outcome.