Sr89 Sm58 Therapy

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As an alternative to external beam radiation when treating advanced prostate and breast metastatic bone cancer usually the two radioactive isotopes Sr-89 and Sm-58 are used. After administering the radioactive agents, they will move to localize in active osteogenesis (bone formation) sites. The metastatic bone sites will accumulate significant amounts of the agent; however the non-absorbed agent is to be expelled from the body through urine over the course of the few days following the treatment.

Depending on the case hospital admission may or may not be needed, however both treatments are offered in our facilities.

Before beginning the treatment, the patient should provide the following:
  • The patient should have a medical history clear of any treatment contradictions
  • As a baseline for follow up the patient should provide a CBC, KFT and LFT work-up, that treatment cannot be considered in case of low white blood cells or platelets levels
  • A bone scan study