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Iodine Treatment

RAI ablation treatment for differentiated thyroid cancer:  Radioactive I131 is mainly used to terminate remaining thyroid tissues in the neck, ones that have metastasized, in addition to monitori...

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MIBG Therapy

Used for tumors that take up MIBG such as neuroblastoma, the treatment is intravenously injected over the course of two hours, which is made up of MIBG, which functions as a carrier that delivers I131...

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Sr89 Sm58 Therapy

As an alternative to external beam radiation when treating advanced prostate and breast metastatic bone cancer usually the two radioactive isotopes Sr-89 and Sm-58 are used. After administering the ra...

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Lutetium (Lu177-Octereotate) Therapy

Also referred to as targeted radionuclide therapy or (PRRT) Peptide Receptor Radionuclide therapy. It is usually the course of treatment suggested for patients suffering from neuroendocrine or carcino...

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